Media Representation and Christian Siblinghood

There's no denying that gender representation and diversity are having a cultural moment. For many Christians, it's natural to view this moment as another sign of hyper liberalism and feminism.

I feel it too, that reflexive, defensive wall I erect when I sense my biblical fidelity is under attack. It’s that drop in my gut when I fear that by allowing the tides even one inch of ground, I may open myself to be swept up completely.

Yet that seems a flimsy excuse to remain uncritical and uncaring, failing to take advantage of the opportunity for personal growth and sacrifice that the moment is offering me.

Lately, this opportunity has meant considering the ways I have allowed social niceties, cultural mores, and media representations to infiltrate and influence my views of male and female. I am giving thought to how they distort something as sacred as Christian siblinghood (and the devaluing of the dignity and Imago Dei of my sisters in Christ, in particular).

I’m grateful to my friend Abby Perry for taking this conversation a step forward in this wonderful piece for Christ & Pop Culture. Abby is a consistently winsome writer and deep thinker, and I am often challenged and encouraged by her. I love that I've gotten to play a part in this piece coming together.